Наша продукція

GE Logiq E9

the highest class system
SRI, Elastography,
ver.BT13, like new
convex, linear

29 000 Eur.

Voluson 730 Pro

bt08, mfg.2009
3/4D, VCI, SRI-2
used, very good condition
2 probes: convex 4D and endo 4D

9 500 Eur.

Accuvix A30

top class 4D system
perfect condition
probes: convex 4D, endo 4D, convex

25 500 Eur.

Toshiba NEMIO 17

color dopler system, PW
ob-gin abdominal, vasc, small parts
used, full working
probes convex, endo or linear

3 300 Eur.

Toshiba Aplio

vascular, abdominal, general
system with APLIPURE
PW, color, THI
probes avaliable: linear, convex

4 000 EUR

Toshiba Xario XG cardio

shared service, Aplipure, THI/CHI
color-dopler,CW ,stress
probes: convex, linear, sector

10 800 Eur.

MyLab 50 Xview

cardiac, abdominal, vasc, small parts
CW, PW, color dopler
MView, XView
probes: convex, linear, sector

11 500 Eur.

Siemens G40

color dopler system
abdominal, ob-gin, vasc, small parts
used, perfect working,
probes: convex, linear or endo

5 000 Eur.

GE Logiq 9

color dopler system, SRI, CRI
abdominal, ob-gin, vasc, small parts
used, very good condition, bt08
all probes, printer

8 200 Eur.

Siemens G20

Black&White system
MSK, small part other
used, full working,
linear probe 5-10

1 000 EUR.

Toshiba NEMIO 10

B/W system, B-mode, THI
abdominal, ob-gin, small parts
used, good working,
probes: convex, linear or endo

1 300 Eur.